About Us

Gary Koji Nakamura &
Michael Dane Flores

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Gary Koji Nakamura is the #candlemaker behind WICK’D ESSENTIALS, a thriving small business that grew out of a hobby during the pandemic.

Michael Dane Flores was born and raised in the Philippines. He moved to Hawaii in 2009 and is currently a medical professional with one of Hawaii’s largest health care providers.

Safe enough for pets, safe enough for humans.

Our journey began when we discovered that the candles we liked so much were not safe to burn around our pets. This got me thinking: If it’s not safe for pets, it can’t be safe for humans.

So we began doing our research and working with professionals in the industry on a safe alternative for all members of our family.

WICK’D ESSENTIALS launched on September 25, 2021,

with just 6 candles; by the end of 2023, WE have made over 40 different fragrances. This includes our best-sellers Pīkake + Gardenia, Midnight Lavender, and Lei Plumeria.

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